What sets this escort industry kit apart

So you may be asking yourself what sets this kit apart of any other book written out there

Well first of all, I have been working in the escort industry since 1989 and starting around 2002, I made it my goal to try and help clean up the escort industry and educate:

  • Escort Agency owners
  • Agency Escorts
  • Independent Escorts
  • And now the clients who hire escorts

Why am I calling this a kit?

Because it’s not just a book. I provide other bonuses that help you in your search for the perfect escort so you don’t waste your money on hookers.

While you might find the odd book out there that is on the same topic on how to hire an escort, what you won’t find, is a book that is unbiased.

The other books have either been written by clients themselves who clearly have subjective viewpoints towards the escorts, or they have been written by escorts who have a biased viewpoint towards the clients.

I take an overall approach to educate and protect both the escort and the client when a man, woman or couple decides to start hiring escorts.

This kit tells it like it is, if you don’t want to hear the truth, DON’T BUY IT!

P.S. Independent Escorts and Escort Agency owners – this is the perfect kit to get your clients to read. All the things you can’t say directly to them are now included in this kit. I act as your go-between.